19 June 2018
The trip to Lviv began very early in the morning, as we had a collection at 4 am. The program and the attractive price of PLN 130 made me wait more and more for the day when we would go to Lviv. We had a trip on a big Saturday the day before Easter, which is also celebrated in Ukraine. The road to the border with Ukraine has passed us quite quickly. However, on the border with Ukraine it turned out that we have to wait quite a long time,
19 June 2018
Iwonicz Zdrój is a typically spa place. There are numerous sanatoria and places where actresses can spend their free time. A short distance away is Rymanów Zdrój, Klimkówka, and Krosno. For those who are not used to walking on mountainous terrain, the first days in Iwonicz will be difficult. Each day is better physical condition and the opportunity to go for a longer walk. I personally do not like the mountains and after a few days I had enough of them.   The spring period is a time of waking up
09 June 2018
  A long time ago, I wondered what a concentration camp for me was like, where so many people lost their lives. How will I feel there. Is this what I saw in my childhood on a school trip will still make such a big impression on me. It is difficult to write about places where the number of people lost so far has lost their lives, regardless of whether they were people aged 90 or many 9 months. Each of us should visit such a place and stop for a
09 June 2018
Golub-Dobrzyń is a place where on the scarp with a beautiful view of the entire city there is a Teutonic castle. In the summer we can meet knights at the castle, who take us to the old days showing how they fight and how people once lived. At the castle, we can also meet women in traditional costumes from that era. You do not need to be an actor to temporarily move in time to wear colorful costumes and see how it used to live. We have it all live


22 May 2018
Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic   The size and architectural design of Prague, until now was quite different in my mind, in view of what I saw in the city. In fact, it is a very nice place, but from the movies it seemed to me that I would be unhappy at the sight of this city. It did not happen. The atmosphere in Prague is nice, it's nice to visit this city.     Prague is famous for a large number of bridges, where the oldest and most famous
22 May 2018
From Warsaw to Sierpc, it is not far away (125 km) so you can go on a spontaneous trip. You can go there with your car along with your friends then the cost of travel is reduced to that we have nice company while walking. If we do not find willing people, it is often worth logging in to bla bla car and looking for people accompanying us on the road. The anticipated travel time is forty hours. An admission ticket for 10 PLN on weekdays and 16 PLN on
22 May 2018
  I remember Zamość from a school trip, where I was with my brother a long time ago. After many years, I decided to go to Zamość again. There was an opportunity for this, because I met a person who gave birth and grew up in Zamość and came to Warsaw for work. The road from Warsaw to Zamość was quite long yet it passed quite quickly. We were in Zamość in the evening. A short walk to the apartment and we are on the spot.   A short walk to the
17 May 2018
A long time ago, I wondered how paradise looks to me. However, until now I have not been in a place that would please me so much that I could call them a paradise on earth. Of course, I saw baroque beautiful decorations, wonderful ruins of castles and romantic places of nature. It's all a small drop in the ocean, because Spain is my paradise, where I will definitely come back. The variety and the amount of colors that are there are amazing to me.   Packing a suitcase for an



I am interested in your opinion, so I will do a little research. I invite everyone to press yes / no or soon I will be asked.

A travel agency, once necessary for most people going abroad. Times are changing, travel is the same, but travel agencies are still on the market and offer attractive trips. I wonder if the travel agency in these changes has a chance to exist and bring income?



Thank you for completing the anonymous survey. All data will provide me with information about whether the travel agency still has a chance to survive.

Personally, some of my trips are organized independently or through a travel agency. When using the agency, I was satisfied with the service and the fact that I can relax and not think about the speed allowed on the road and whether I can make it to the designated place on time. During such trips you can meet interesting people and hear their stories about what they have seen and where it is worth to go. Every encountered person becomes an inspiration for something new. Sometimes it is good to cut yourself off from the routine that accompanies us every day and move into the unknown. Trips organized by travel agencies can be a good start to new land knowledge and more. Often we want to go somewhere but there is a problem that friends can not because they have an on-call duty, the boy prefers to match with colleagues and we are lonely sitting at home or running around a shopping mall like a museum. Is it not better to go to the museum? certainly yes, but it's not it for yourself. Often when we visit, we like to share our experiences with others. Going alone to the museum, we do not have that option. A trip with a travel agency is a good solution here. There will always be a person in a large group of people who will broadcast at the same frequencies as us. It may be the beginning of a longer friendship or a one-time meeting, but it all depends on us.


This post will not be long, but I hope that I will inspire someone to comment. I have not yet developed the option of commenting freely on the site, but I will reply to every person.


I can see that few people use travel agencies. I hope that people who have not yet voted will do so soon.

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